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Here at Matchasita, we've made health our highest priority. One of the ways we've been able to do that is through Unicity, a company focused on improving people's health and overall wellbeing since its inception. Matchasita's founder, Maria Kenri, first came to know about Unicity through a family member who had found and maintained major weight-loss success with Unicity's transformative products. Since then, Unicity has positively impacted many others across the globe. As a Unicity franchise partner, Matchasita invites you to join our community of members collaborating to make prosperous, healthy living into a long-lasting lifestyle. Stick around because we're living to tell you all about it!

make life better

Who is Unicity?

Unicity, at its core, is a health and wellness company that provides powerful, life-changing products. The company consists of passionate individuals from all walks of life who have joined Unicity's mission to make life better. Along with incredible health improvements, many have discovered emotional and financial stability as members, distributors, consumers and educators. 

What do the products do?

Unicity has an extensive inventory of 400 products, all of which are scientifically formulated and tested in top tier facilities. From revitalising Chi-Oka matcha to bone fortifying capsules, each of Unicity's products target specific problems and work to improve the overall performance of your body. There's no doubt you'll find what you need. Real results and real success are what makes Unicity. 

How do I get involved?

With products in over 50 countries, Unicity is transforming lives everywhere. They use research and innovation to enrich people with information, products, and services that enable people to take responsibility for their health and quality of life. Whether you're an athlete, a computer programmer, a taxi driver, or a stay-at-home parent, Unicity can benefit you and you can also benefit others. 

step 1

Visit our SHOP where you can find our favourite Unicity products or for all 400 products.

step 2

To purchase products on our Unicity website, click on Products in the top menu. You can also select 'shop products' or scroll down to 'featured products' for more precise optionsOnce you've chosen a product, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. 

step 3

When a menu pops up, click the sign-up button, and fill-in the blank boxes. You will be redirected to the account's page to finish your sign-up process and/or complete your purchase order. 

Use Matchasita's Referral ID: 886108

Just incase you were wondering You have the option to choose between 'distributor' and 'preferred customer' during the sign-up process.


'Distributor' allows you to sell products and 'Preferred Customer' allows you buy them at a discounted price. 

In the future, when you want to make purchases, you can simply login with the same ID and password.